The author...and his record collection

The author...and his record collection.

Unless specifically credited to someone else, all the text on this site was created by Andy Schwartz (Seth Andrew Schwartz).

Please credit me if you quote, lift, snatch, block-and-copy, or otherwise reuse any of my writing for your blog, Web site, podcast, term paper, newspaper/magazine article, cave painting, inaugural address, tombstone engraving, etc.

Thanks to my sister Laura Winkleblack at Out of the Box Marketing and my friend Janet Waegel of Glimmer Media for their generous offers of time and expertise in the creation of this blog.

Table of Contents
Artist Bios: I’ve written hundreds of artist biographies (bios) for use in media campaigns by record labels, public relations firms, and management companies. Many of these bios were created during my tenure (1989-2000) as National Director of Editorial Services for Epic Records/Sony Music. In the heading of each bio posted here you’ll see, following the artist’s name, the title of the album and the label and approximate date of release. These bios are “archival” and have not been updated.

Liner Notes: I’ve written and/or contributed to the liner notes of numerous reissues, ranging from Major Lance’s Greatest Hits to Charlie Christian: Genius of the Electric Guitar. Unlike album credits or cover artwork, little of this material is available online. In most instances, the text posted here is identical to that which accompanied the original CD, LP or box set.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: I have been associated with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for over two decades. Each year, the Hall publishes an illustrated program book that is distributed to attendees at its induction dinner. I served as Managing Editor of the program from 1989-1992 and contributed artist biographies and/or historical essays to many subsequent editions.

Rock & Roll Manhattan Map (Site Descriptions): In December 2008, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Running Subway Productions opened the Rock Annex at 76 Mercer Street in New York. A centerpiece of the Annex is a 26-foot scale model map of Manhattan Island equipped with touch screens that display a list of 50 historic rock & roll locations such as the Apollo Theater, the Fillmore East, Max’s Kansas City, and Hit Factory Studios. I wrote the descriptive text for all sites and have posted a number of those entries here. (I also wrote the wall panels that introduce each section of the Annex, not posted here.)

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